Hello my lovely people!!! This day is about us, our land, our self-determination, our freedom and everything else we wanted almost seven decades ago. Ever since I was a little boy, my grandparents have been telling me about the struggle they went through to get to this “Independence day”; for themselves, and for us. So put on your  clothes, wave your flags up high – bring happiness to a nation that so frequently lives in despair.When I think of the way my grandparents would recall their past, tearing up, it makes me emotional as well. I realised how hard it must have been for them to achieve independence for our generation, and how sometimes we take all their hard work for granted. It wasn’t all good though; they lost their belongings, their houses, their friends but they gained a country. It’s easy to imagine ourselves in their place, but that is only fiction, not reality.Patriotism can unite our people, and eventually lead the country into becoming the developed and established nation we all long for it to be. Furthermore, we should celebrate our freedom by keeping in mind all we have lost for this independence, even though we have been facing innumerable problems for a very long time and it is disheartening.Liberation – the word echoes freedom; when we talk about an individual’s liberation, we picture someone untethered and unaccountable to others. But a country’s liberation means more than that. We were granted liberation, but we are still not united. We are broken and chaotic, so this Independence Day, all I ask is, is unity that far away as a concept from us?

For today, unite.

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