WTW-3Hello my lovely people!!! At Wok This Way, they strive  to make each and every meal a healthy one! Using very less oil and high heat, the Wok style of cooking is one of the healthiest cooking techniques used in South East Asia. Our complete vegetarian fare makes dining with us extra nutritious, healthier and guilt free.Wok this way does not use packed and processed tofu or bottled sauces. Every sauce, inspired by distinct oriental flavours, is made and perfected in-house. Even the noodles are prepared onsite every day!

Combining only the freshest ingredients, we make sure that every dish you eat at Wok This Way is as healthy and fresh as it gets. At Wok this way, they are strictly against using food colour or added synthetic flavours and every dish we make is just the way nature intended it to be, free of MSG.

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