Hello my lovely people!!! We might have disparagingly branded them ‘murses’ only a few years ago, but bags for men are big business these days. No longer feared as flamboyant appendages, we’re buying them up in our droves with one in every five luxury handbags sold now a ‘man bag’. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Where else were you planning to throw your phone, wallet, cardholder, laptop, business cards, keys and gloves?A bag is one of those rare dual-purpose accessories, not only fulfilling its primary function (holding your crap), but adding another element to your overall look at the same time.

Not sure which is right for you? We’ve done the dog work and rounded up this season’s best two styles from www.coach.com Coming to our first blogpost and first style ; Once the preserve of schoolchildren and gap year hikers, the backpack has swiftly established itself as the contemporary bag style to get your hands on, with everyone from city bankers to chart-toppers like Kanye West and Chris Brown seen sporting shoulder straps. Far smarter than their predecessors, leather backpacks will round out everything from minimal tailored ensembles to your steeziest streetwear looks. Pick one up in classic black, midnight blue or dark chocolate brown, and bid farewell to carpal tunnel syndrome. Stay tuned as we bring to you our second style by Coach.



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