Hello lovely people!!! For the modern man, staying on trend can be difficult. CrossFit or pure calisthenics ? Clean shave or chevron moustache ? Join Snapchat or a social media detox somewhere in the depths of Cornwall? It’s all a bit knackering. Men’s fashion, however, is still a territory that’s pretty easily mapped. Sure, in today’s digital age the process of predicting a neat set of seasonal trends might not be the cakewalk it once was, especially when a ‘gram from a grade-A influencer can make a micro-trend overnight. But by and large, men’s style is still ruled by trends, irrespective of whether they’re born on the pavement, a touchscreen or the pages of a magazine. One such trend is summer shorts. May be the humidity in the climate or just a global trend; every guy has that one pair of shorts which are his comfy companion. Today’s look features my favourite pair. Paired with a printed shirt; I am all set to sit back and spend a peaceful evening at this beautiful location.

He Is Got The Style.

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