Hello my lovely people!! Whether one is aware or not, there are written and unwritten dress code rules on how to dress accordingly for a variety of different occasions.Surely, wearing board shorts is not acceptable a wedding, but there are those that might wear them to an informal meeting with a colleague.A man’s life is undoubtedly full of moments that require him to dress a certain way.From his high school graduation to walking his daughter down the aisle, a man must understand the basics of formal, semi-formal, and casual dressing to respect and be involved in the circumstance of the ceremony or event.Because being a gentleman is knowing that wearing appropriate clothing is not just about him alone. Personal presentation is a reflection of the respect one shows to those around him. And no other brand than www.raymondnext.com to prove me right. Recently; Raymond introduced a range of occasional dressing in their vast Autumn Winter collection. One thing I personally love about the collection; is that it is so precise; that is difficult to shut you’re your web page without opting for some occasional style or another. Digging in; here’s my interpretation of my favourite occasional looks from the brand. Coming to  the first occasion of playing dress up with Raymond;

1.Spotlight events (Instance:. Graduation) : The spotlight events are such when the focus is on you in a bunch of dressed up men. The  same principle of understated formal attire applies here for the same reasons: dress in respect to those being honoured. Many graduates think the event surrounding the culmination of their education is about them, but its truly a landmark celebration for everyone involved in celebrating the graduate’s achievement. Even when wearing a ceremonial robe, dress smartly because shoes, socks, and trouser legs will be visible. Timeless Raymond suits , will definitely place all your cards right at such an event. You can refer the entire collection here https://raymondnext.com/collections/spotlight-events

2.Wedding/Festive Occasion: So you’ve received an invitation to a soiree stating ‘Cocktail Attire’ as the dress code. Cue puzzled expression and head-scratching.Like many men, you’ve probably begun delving into the seldom seen depths of your wardrobe in a confused state with the hope of finding some magical solution to this rather ambiguous form of dress.What exactly is ‘Cocktail Wear’ and how do you effectively execute this look? Yeah you can still look the best amongst the groom and his squad supermen. Other than that; . Firstly, let’s start by examining the occasions at which a cocktail dress may be required. These occasions most commonly include (but are not limited to): weddings, anniversaries, christenings, certain sporting events, cocktail parties and formal birthday gatherings. In short, they’re events that require a little more refinement than the usual jeans and t-shirt combination. In such times; the “ between the hours” dress code is what that is needed to be drawn right. Take your inspiration from Raymond’s coolest range of Wedding/Festive attires from here https://raymondnext.com/collections/wedding-festive

  1. Work to play: The party season poses some quandaries. The escalating demands on your diary require you to regularly swap office chair for bar stool, but rarely with the liberty of a trip home between. So what you wear needs to work twice as hard – and be twice as versatile – to take you straight from work to play. Making your work easy; is Raymond’s another feather on the cap. Its” Work to play” occasional collection which makes your life easy at a click of a button. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the article. Do not forget to incorporate these looks via www.raymondnext.in

WARDROBE COURTESY: www.raymondnext.in

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