Hello my lovely people!!Can’t tell your hibiscus blooms from your carnations? Alarmed at the prospect of looking like a florist’s shop front? Our quick how to wear guide will ensure you don’t stray off the garden path and into the jungle.Taking you through what exactly this blue suit and floral shirt combination is screaming out to you.

  1. One Print Per Look
    As a general rule of thumb, print overkill is best avoided. If one component of your outfit features a vibrant print, it’s best to keep the rest of your look a plain and simple affair, so opt for clean-lined separates.One strong pattern is enough of a statement by itself. For those of a more daring disposition, clashing prints can work; just make sure the prints contrast but complement each other by pairing motifs that differ either in tone or pattern, but not both.
  1. Layer For Subtlety
    If you’re after a more understated approach to the look, layering is key.Try wearing a micro-floral print shirt beneath a clean-lined navy/electric blue suit so just the shirt’s cuffs and collar are showing. A dark tailored jacket will also sit well layered over a painterly bloom print shirt the jacket will break-up the arresting impact of a full torso floral hit.This witty contrast of floral detailing against solid hues is a considered way to interpret the look.
  1. Adapt To The Season
    Remember to stay attuned to the seasons; you don’t want to be wearing a full-on tropical Hawaiian shirt in the midst of winter, nor do you want to be donning a floral sweatshirt during a heat wave.
    Whilst traditionally florals have been exclusively a spring/summer look, designers are now catering to a cross-seasonal trend, offering muted, darker tones for winter that contrast with arrestingly bright summer patterns. It may seem obvious, but darker florals should be the choice for the winter months, whilst light and colourful prints should feature in your summer wardrobe.
  1. Fit For Purpose
    As there is still much conservatism towards this trend from traditionalists, always think of the occasion before you choose to don florals. A Hawaiian gardenia bloom shirt may look great on a Miami Beach esplanade, but it isn’t exactly boardroom appropriate.It’s best to reserve your more conspicuous pieces for off-duty occasions, whilst subtle micro-floral accessories can be easily worked into more conservative tailored looks for weekdays.
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