Hello everyone. Hope you guys are doing good. Despite of this time of the year being overrated because of its harshness bestowed upon us, it is also that time of the year when everyone is all set to pack their bags; let their hair down and go vacationing. Well, if you are planning to travel, it is very keen to have a properly organised wardrobe to be carried along with you if you don’t wanna loose your sense of fashion while living away from your comfort zone. Helping you out to solve most of your travel wardrobe queries is my look for today. I have a stripped t-shirt on me followed by a linen beige jacket. Layering it, is a blazer since you’ll be travelling and you can always play it cool with blazers. I have paired it up with a skin fit trousers. Keeping it minimal with accessories; I just have an ascot around my neck and a wrist-band on my wrist. This pair of really awesome shoes on my feet are the feather on the cap of my look. I have my sunglasses hanging on my t-shirt just to justify the summer effect.

Stay Stylish till the next post.


  • Stripped T-shirt : River Island Autumn Winter 2013
  • Beige Linen Jacket: Zara Spring Summer 2014
  • Ascot: Jack n Jones
  • Slim fit trousers:  H.E. by Mango
  • Blazer: Zara Autumn Winter 2013
  • Wristband : Colaba
  • Sunglasses: Aldo
  • Shoes (courtesy): Metro
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