Hello my lovely people!!! As you all know that I have been travelling a lot these days via my work trips and styling  assignments irrespective of the blog; I have tried to revamp my wardrobe with some few pieces that can help me combat the winters in all parts of the country. Keeping the dipping temperature in mind; I make sure that I stuff enough winter pieces in my wardrobe which can also be my outfit saviours. Classics get their rep because they do a job well. Hence the proliferation of military garms on civvy streets, since functional construction and hard-wearing fabrics are just as appreciated on the fashion frontline. The leather jacket became a staple for two reasons: its overall look,, originally designed to fight the atmosphere while biking but equally adept at tackling winter commutes; which is versatile enough for work and play if the fit’s snug. It’s time to enlist. This autumn/winter, the fashion industry is going hell for leather – quite literally.

While some may say it comes as no surprise, given that the fabric has sustained its popularity for many years, with every season comes minor tweaks influenced by wider trends around cut and colour.Yet regardless of its form, the leather jacket has remained a favourite of menswear icons and will continue to be so. Coming to my look; I have layered a leather jacket upon a a taran shirt and paired it up with beige pants. No winter look is complete without a beanie; period.




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