Friendship and love are the deepest feelings we experience in life: this is why it is always gratifying to show our affection with frequent little gifts. This year Vogue Eyewear has once again created a new collection to help us tell the people we love that they are always in our heart. This fresh, feminine, young collection is available to anyone who wishes to express their feelings with a unique present.The glamorous style common to all three models confirms once again the bold, trendy and contemporary nature of the brand’s spirit and identity.

Vogue Eyewear creations have always expressed a cheerful, adventurous character: this unique liveliness, along with the eclectic, refined touch of contemporary young women, is the inspiration behind “Vogue Eyewear Love Beat”, the perfect gift to celebrate love in any and all forms.


The Vogue Eyewear Love Beat collection presents three dazzling nylon fibre sunglasses. Lightweight and glamorous, these styles have been designed especially for Vogue Eyewear young women attracted by reinvented shapes and captivating details, like the bright heart-shaped decoration on the temple tips. The colours of the three models are sure to please the unique taste of the people we love: cherry and pink, petrol and green, or timeless black.

As a complement to this special gift, collection items come with a specially designed package and a sleek, contemporary Vogue Eyewear bag complete with card, perfect to personalize your gift and express all your love.

Vogue Eyewear: the easiest way to say “I Love You”. The perfect gift for any occasion.



Original and glamorous, this sun style features fashionably light lines, ideal for those who are always on the lookout for casual but stylish accessories. Details are the distinctive feature that makes these glasses fit so perfectly the taste and style of romantic, contemporary young women. The large nylon fibre front in phantos style is decorated with a heart-shaped stone: this bright, unexpected detail (applied on the temple tip using a special resin) enriches the young, contemporary design of this frame with the lively, trendy and fashionable taste of the new Vogue Eyewear Love Beat collection.




Created for girls and young women who experience their time and their romantic nature with a free, lighthearted spirit, this sun style features light lines and a super comfortable fit. The nylon fiber frame in the iconic pilot shape is discreetly decorated with a small heart-shaped stone applied on the temple tip with a special resin. This original, romantic and fun detail embodies the spirit of the new Vogue Eyewear Love Beat collection and its uniquely fresh and contemporary style. Ideal for those who want to personalise their look and to feel romantic and carefree every day of their life.



With its young, feminine look, the cat-eye phantos shape of this style is quintessential of the iconic Vogue Eyewear style. These incredibly lightweight sunglasses are designed for young women who love to experiment with new fashions, details and colours. They combine the freshness of a playful nature with the sophistication of impeccable craftsmanship. The soft cat-eye profile and unusual colour tones of the Vogue Eyewear Love Beat line create an original, surprising effect, adding a touch of uniqueness to the stylish look of this style. The precious heart-shaped detail on the temple tip emphasises the distinctively energetic romanticism of these glasses, ideal to set off the young, passionate spirit of the Vogue Eyewear woman.


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