Hello my lovely people! Unless you’ve been living in complete sartorial seclusion for the past few years, it should come as no surprise that bags are big news in menswear. Design teams have moved on from the ‘man bag’ messenger creations of the early 2000s, offering a range of decidedly more sophisticated options that not only serve the practical purpose of carting your work/life essentials from A to B, but can also succinctly round off a look. The briefcase has undergone a complete reinvention in recent years. It’s still traditionally a business bag, but the modern workplace has changed a great deal, requiring gents to carry more than a few sheets of paper, a Parker pen and a questionable Apple to and from the office. Tech devices are a major part of our lives and have influenced both work and play. Modern briefcase styles reflect this change and have been designed with the tech-savvy gent in mind, featuring robust but lightweight structures and padded compartments to store laptops, tablets and multiple smartphones. Not only do the sleek lines of a briefcase give a tailored look a sharp finishing touch, but this practical design ensures you can take your essential tools of the trade anywhere so you never miss a deadline. Additionally, there’s always a little extra room for your personal essentials, ensuring the lines of your jacket and trousers are kept neat and trim as intended. Concluding with the look I complemented today; I have layered a Checkard suit (checks being a big trend in this A/W 16) on a black trunkline. Another option during winters is that you can replace the black trunkline with a black shirt. Completing my look, are these pair of sunglasses and cool formal shoes.

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