Hello my lovely people!!! Its Summer already and you must have already started cribbing about the unbearable heat in the maximum city. Also, heat calls for a revamp of your not so summer wardrobe/closet to much light weighted fabrics and cool hues. So here’s me and Santoshi from bringing to you a very interesting and exciting collaborating featuring ‘s cotton linen collection. Why linen? A breathable, lightweight and durable fabric – you couldn’t really ask for much more when dressing for the stifling heat. However, it does come with one major caveat: it creases extremely easily.This wrinkling instantly makes pure linen clothes  a no-no when it comes to formal or corporate dressing. In this scenario, you can smarten the material up by opting for a linen-blend; when mixed with wool (in lower percentages) or cotton it will help add the required structure to the shirt/garment  without sacrificing breathability or comfort.

All in all; here are my two looks and Santoshi’s two looks curated for this fun brand which is not only affordable but also, quirky in its own special way.

Don’t forget to visit your nearest Max store to feel the trophical vibes!

Look good, feel good!



Santoshi & Me:

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