Hello my lovely people! Exceptionally easy to carry with the same practical load-shifting potential as a backpack, the tote benefits from its open top design, enabling the wearer to quickly add or remove items while on the go. A great city bag, totes are a relatively recent import from womenswear, with designers bringing a masculine flavour to the style. Available in a wide array of designs, totes range from simple cotton affairs to more structured, durable leather and canvas combinations. Constructed with two large top handles to allow the tote to be carried on the shoulder or held in the hand, they are typified by their large storage capacity. Coming to look I curated for this piece;I am wearing a blue trunkline followed by a blue printed shirt and slim fit cargo trousers. Solid colours being in this winter; brighten up every look whatsoever! Going perfectly with my look; are my comfy loafers and sunglasses.

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