Hello my lovely people!!!Dust off your finery, polish your shoes and prep your liver – it’s party season once again. And while we know the next month is about easing off and letting your hair down, we’re also acutely aware of party season’s potential pitfalls.From turning up underdressed to getting too turnt up, we know it’s not always plain sailing through the festive circuit. I compiled a few looks to wear this party season and look your party animal bestest. They say rules are meant to be broken, but we doubt ‘they’ ever experienced the sweat-inducing humiliation that comes with rocking up to a strictly black tie party in a striped shirt and jeans.If an invite specifies ‘black tie’, it means it. And since it’s not messing around, neither should you. Fix up and look sharp with a classic black/white tuxedo and a  dress shirt and you’ll fit right in this festive season. Ah, Christmas – the only holiday where over-indulgence is acceptable, nay, expected of you. Find yourself under the mistletoe after a few eggnogs and you’re pretty much anyone’s. But just because some of your standards are set to slip, it doesn’t mean your style should follow suit. A blingy blazer with a good fitted trousers is no less appealing. Given that most of us spend Christmas Day almost exclusively indoors, dividing our time between consuming a year’s worth of calories and lying python-like on a couch/floor digesting said calories, dressing for the job should mean pulling on your softest loopback sweats. But, since you’ll likely have extended family or in-laws over, you’re going to want to slip on something smarter.This bling look is perfect for the main show!!

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