Hello my lovely people!! Without a doubt, if there’s one vital wardrobe feat a man should achieve in his lifetime, it’s mastering the art of tying a bow tie. There’s been a recent shift in reviving this once commonplace skill, with more designers producing self-tie bows each season. Self-tie bows make for a far nattier finish, due to their organic, jaunty shape in contrast to clip-ons, which look just a little too neat. Coming to our collaboration of the day; Ankit Saboo from the www.indianbowtiecompany.com is a bow tie extraordinaire.  He has taken the tradition a step further by establishing a print-led accessory label that focuses on – you’ve guessed it – bow ties. Tired of the traditional polka dot or stripe bow ties and the usual fabric haunts on the streets of India, Mr. Saboo found himself designing his own prints. His aim is to produce modern, exciting bow ties that are worn on a regular basis and have none of the ‘stuffy’ connotations that are commonly associated with them. The bow ties are produced in Jodhpur ensuring the craftsmanship of the product is to a high quality and standard. Mr. Saboo is proud to be a contemporary brand that prefers to look to the future rather than to the heritage. I personally had a great time styling the bowties on basic as well as printed shirts.

Why not follow Indian Bowtie Company’s lead and become a bow tie wearer? His bow ties are a modern, quirky and fun revival of a classic accessory. You can buy them here www.indianbowtiecompany.com #bownahitohkuchnahi #indianbowtiecompany

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