• Are you still hooked to the rusty old razor?
  • Are your facial hair rough and you are looking for a solution?
  • Wish you had the same smooth facial skin your male colleagues have?

Hello my lovely people!!! If your boiler broke down you would call for a plumber and if you were ill you would consult a doctor. So if you’re after a super-smooth shave, it pays to call in the experts. Today on our Experts Panel is one such brand, which has been the grooming guru for almost every next guy in India. Yes, I am talking about Philips India; “Most men have never been taught how to shave. When electric shavers were introduced in the sixties, fathers stopped teaching their sons how to shave and less and lesser men went to barbers. But men clearly do need to learn the art of shaving as I see so many red and irritated necks! The first trimmer I bought was by Philips when I graduated. I don’t have much hair on my face but I prefer an electronic shave over manual; manual shaving damages your skin and electronic shaving is more convenient and it refrains from giving cuts and spoiling your skin.

Men have started realizing the significance of it all, much more than they did earlier! From being the then rough, unkempt alpha male to the ‘metro sexual’ who is not just an epitome of manliness but also softer in his mannerisms and groomed- manhood has now progressed from the typical definition it had earlier. Taking a cue from this evolution, the market for Men’s grooming has evolved too- from shaving creams to aerosols, from any XYZ lotions to men’s creams and face-washes and from razors to trimmers & shavers.  And while, this shift took place in the attitude of men and therefore the market, another evolution occurred i.e. how women started seeing it all… A woman’s opinion of men around her, has always been given weight- to be acknowledged as the stylish/ smart/ well groomed one by a woman is definitely a plus point for a man’s self esteem! So what looks are in- Clean shaven? Stubble? The raw shave with nicks here and there? Or the smooth skin that well taken care of! Offering a range of trimmers and shavers for men, Philips India decided to find out how receptive are men to the latest techniques of men’s grooming and what impressions do women gather… The rule has always been “survival of the fittest” and what leads in the survey results is the evolved technique of shaving i.e. electronic shavers and trimmers!

  • 91% women dislike men with hard facial skin and prefer smooth facial skin
  • 62% women do not like their partner to have nicks and cuts on their face
  • 79% of men feel less confident in social interactions if they have nicks and cuts from shaving
  • 62% men believe Electric Shavers are more Skin Friendly than razors


*Note: These claims are based on a research conducted by Nielsen in March’2014 for Philips India. Nielsen interviewed 533 males and 502 females in the Age group 25- 30 years in 4 cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.

Hence HE IS GOT THE STYLE definitely recommends you to go on and try this wide range of MENS GROOMING PRODUCTS BY PHILIPS INDIA.

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