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Hello my lovely people!!!Cocooned in the heart of Mumbai’s art district of Kala Ghoda, The Pantry under the Neighbourhood Hospitality, launched in 2012, is a welcoming space providing an experience that, like a home kitchen, is straight from the heart. Whether it be a short break to grab our homemade bakery treasures before heading out into the animated bustle of the neighbourhood or to leave that behind entirely while you befriend time in our subtly stylish confines, we urge you to make the space your own.

The Pantry’s décor consists of whitewashed exterior walls, with potted plants, letters frosted on wide, friendly windows, high-beamed ceilings, white-tiled walls, window seats, baroque door knobs and small, cosy tables with pointy-legged Heller chairs. To create the appropriate look for the café, interior decorator Chetan Shah simply used what he had at hand—vintage Bharat tiles in pastel tones (for the kitchen counter), cement (for the floor), recycled Burma teak and pine wood (for table tops), and metal chairs to create an airy space that is reflective of the cafe’s own locavore philosophy. The look, Shah says, is French industrial, but we think it might just pave the way for an identity unto itself: Kala Ghoda chic.For far too long, the food culture of our country has been dominated by imports while local produce has often been ignored. At The Pantry, we promote the use of local produce wherever possible to nurture a grassroots movement within our very own communities. Our European-styled fare uses the freshest domestic ingredients available, from organic seasonal vegetables, country eggs, to single-origin Indian coffees and teas in a bid to re-introduce our diners to the fine taste and quality of ingredients in our very own country. The menu at The Pantry is a combination of things, well curated by the young co-owners Mr.Abhishek Honwar , Mr.Pankil Shah & Mr.Sumit Gambhir and the and French foods menu consultant Marguerite de Las tours wanted to introduce. The Financier, an almond cake, was typically French claimed the petite de Las tours. The Pantry is the beginning of our journey – one that we feel will lead us to explore and create new avenues – to promote a sustainable ethos in this otherwise concretised world.

Other Information:

Timings: 8.30 am to 11.30 pm

Where: The Pantry, Yashwant Chambers, Military Square lane, Near Trishna,

Kalaghoda, Fort

Contact: 022-22700082, 22678901

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