Hello my lovely people!!!Summer can be a frustratingly difficult period to dress well for. During autumn/winter layering is imperative and adds both texture and character to any outfit, while a strong piece of outerwear can quickly hide a lazy look, elevating it in an instant. In contrast, summer dictates your ensembles be stripped back in order to counteract the rising temperatures, leaving less room for creativity.Yes, classic t-shirt/polo/shirt and shorts combinations can quickly become boring. However, as always, the devil is in the details. The warmer months of the year may not lend themselves to sharp jackets and multiple layers, but you can still individualise any look with the right accessories. A considered, seasonally-appropriate choice offers an effortless way of taking your attire up a notch without sacrificing comfort. With this in mind, we take a look at the SS’15  range of accessories by THE BRO CODE. In this feature especially, I am sporting a couple of their cufflinks, bowtie and pocket square. Talking about each accessory respectively; An unconventional touch for any style conscious gent’s shirtsleeves,  cufflinks typify the iconic brand’s quirky British elegance. Crafted from fine brass and enamel, these eye-catching accessories have been set as a must have in every guys wardrobe.  Coming to bowtie’s ; Formal/semi casual wear can quickly become stifling in the summer if you don’t get your materials right. Tailoring is one aspect of the male wardrobe that almost dictates that it is split into seasonal halves. Of course, a warm colour bow tie is not going to make you feel noticeably cooler in the heat  the suit and shirt made from breathable cotton, linen or tropical wool will do that but applying this same lightweight, textured approach to your entire ensemble shows style consistency and will mark you out as a man that pays attention to the finer details.Concluding; A well-accessorised look is the mark of a truly stylish gent and the pocket square is chief among the accessories at their disposal.The pocket square (or handkerchief) has its origins as a practical accessory, although in the modern day it is principally used for a more decorative purpose. As a decorative accessory, the pocket square adds an undeniable touch of elegance and individuality. So hope you guys think twice the next time before picking up the right accessories for yourself. Now you guy’s know which door to knock on! Cheerio!


Shirt : Thomas Pink. ( )

Suit : Sisley. (

Accessories Courtesy : The Bro Code. ( )

Loafers : Zara.

Phone Cover : Daily Objects. ( )

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