Hello my lovely people! Don’t you just love Friday? One last stretch before the weekend, the feeling of accomplishment (or successful procrastination) that comes with it and everyone else just seems to be in a better mood…Yes, Friday is by nature a laid-back day. Casual or dress-down Friday is a corporation’s way of acknowledging that nobody really means business on the last day of the working week, and therefore not bothering with formal business attire.The concept first originated in Hawaii in 1947, when Aloha shirts became acceptable in offices on Fridays only. The idea as we know it today, however, became a movement in the late 1990s, with internet companies such as Google making it official, mostly in California. Globalisation took care of extending the habit worldwide.In countries of warmer climate, casual can include shorts and t-shirts, while in more formal cultures workers don’t even get away with jeans. The concept is relative – very clear in some corporations, blurry in others and non-existent in many. You probably already know by now what the deal is in your own workplace.Today, with raised pressures of style upon us, instead of promoting a relaxed attitude, this ‘freedom’ of attire often polarises the workplace. While some show clumsy efforts led by the idea of ‘anything goes’, others seem to turn Friday into ‘Scruffday’, treating it like it’s a lazy Sunday. The confusion is particularly visible in environments where there isn’t a clear set of dress-down rules. If you relate to the issue, asking your superiors might be a good idea.Even after you have all the answers, dressing casually without the safety of a uniform isn’t easy. It’s almost like you need another safe wardrobe selection or formula just for that day. Hope you guys get inspired with this look of mine today.

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