Hello my lovely people!! Stop, breathe, take some time at last… These are pleasures that a gentleman knows how to enjoy with style. Leaving his hectic life behind, he thoroughly indulges in a delightful escapade, but never loses sight of what’s most important: elegance and good manners. His scented companion on this journey? Gentlemen Only Parisian Break.

Warm weather descends upon the City of Light, whose name is never as tting as in the springtime. Daybreak on the banks of the Seine greets the rst passers-by, who are pleased to rediscover the capital under sunny skies. Our gentleman meanders amongst them. He wants to discover the city of Paris up close, give in to its charm. So he’ll go at his own pace down cobblestone lanes, irting with the trees in blossom, declaring his love to Parisian architecture. His good taste follows him everywhere. He knows where to end that special boutique or small museum or the beaten track, a bistro terrace where he can satisfy his hunger, a bench to sit down and welcome the day’s end while watching Paris put on her show.

Everywhere he goes, heads turn. And the passers-by, fascinated in equal measure by his nonchalance and his elegance, will recognize his fragrance and its fresh, woody trail. This scent of a sweet escape has a name; Gentlemen Only Parisian Break.

FRAGRANCE COURTESY: www.givenchy.com

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