Hello my lovely people!! Summer is the minimalist’s nightmare. As the streets explode in pattern and shade – Hawaiian prints, pastels, sun-scorched necks – stripped-back options become, well, minimal. Minimalist does not mean boring. Colour play still reaps rewards – but when the sun’s out, swerve anything that’s as bright. Summer is a colour season.”But think cool khakis, stones, beiges, rusts and even dusty pinks. These earth tones appeared everywhere from Calvin Klein to Alexander Wang on the SS16 runways, where they also proved easy to mix and match.Yet while the shades might play nice, you still need to be aware of your skin tone. Khaki and navy look great on pale skin, while coffee, pinks and dusty pastels stand out well against darker complexions. Although beige and stone are key colours for the season, they’re not for everyone. If the colour is too close to your pre-holiday skin tone then go for something a shade or two darker until you’ve managed to top up your tan. Here’s a look featuring a photographic version of what I just tried to explain. A minimalist suit is a go to piece if you have tones of meetings to attend on a rough day at work.

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