Hello lovely people!! If the fashion world had its way, you’d be replacing your wardrobe every three months. But your bank balance and the planet won’t thank you for it. Yet, read between the lines and you’ll find that last season’s must-haves often reappear, in the new season’s guise.Sure, you could spend your hard-earned on brand new jeans that look five years old. Or you could ‘new season’ them yourself by adding a few rips or even turning them from dark to light at home. Sometimes, taking away is just as good as adding to a wardrobe. Particularly when it’s crammed full of clothes that don’t fit, are damaged, or aren’t quite right for your skin tone, body type or lifestyle.A small capsule wardrobe of high-quality, well-fitting garments is far better than one crammed full of impulse buys. So, start by having a clear out. Aim to keep only items worn regularly and that can be mixed-and-matched with other pieces. These will usually take the form of classic menswear staples (plain T-shirts, jeans, shirts) in neutral or earthy colourways (black, white, navy, grey, brown). Similar to what I am wearing today; the white tshirt is an all seasons staple thoughout the year; same goes with my bottom jeans. A sky blue blazer is a must have during summer and is hard to be left apart when we speak of summer hues; finishing it all up are my staple accessories which help me define my look a little too better.
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