Stay Classy.

I have and always will be, a fan of simple things.

With that being said, I am also a huge devotee of classic colour combinations and modern aesthetics. When putting together an outfit, I try to keep in mind that the key and secret to a well-dressed man is simplicity. There are times when I love to go all out and wear clothing that is striking in colour and flamboyant in structure but the rest of the time? I prefer simply put together, tailored to perfection ensembles.

Just like the norms we abide by in our day to day lives, fashion too has a critical side. No, this isn’t something that you need to study and struggle through. The basic fundamentals of fashion can be simply categorized into colour, patterns, textures and silhouettes. When all four principles come together we find ourselves with a perfectly balanced and ever so stylish outfit.

The first step to understanding a well put together outfit is to understand colours and how they complement each other. To make this easier I have listed a few colour combinations seen in men’s fashion. They are:

  • Colour Gradation (Example: Light blue shirt with a navy blue trouser)
    • Monochrome
    • Brown/Beige and Blue
    • Pink and Blue
    • Dark – Dark (Example: Black shirt with dark brown pants)
    • Red, Blue and White
    • All white
    • Beige and Brown

Blue and Beige

It’s vitally important to know how to combine the right colours in your clothing — it helps to introduce both variety and individuality to your wardrobe. My personal favourite colour combination without a doubt has to be- beige and blue! This combination is very versatile and, can create a perfect look for any formal occasion. Blue is known to give a refreshing and light feel when worn, and when paired with beige or tan it becomes the perfect contrast colour that doesn’t steal the show but rather, complements the subtilty of blue. You can also opt to wear formal brown/tan leather shoes with this fabulous colour combination.


Look 1 :

In this look, I have paired a white button-down shirt with a light blue pinstripe tie, slim fit denim, a tan brown belt, a beige blazer and tan brown leather formal shoes. This look can be worn to meetings, normal days at the office or even for a casual evening occasion.


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