Hello my lovely people!!! Why, when autumn arrives, do coats get all the attention? Sure, something that’s probably going to set you back a few hundred quid deserves due care and attention, but as key as an overcoat is, isn’t a jacket more integral?From high street windows to online buying guides, the winter coat invariably takes centre stage as the cold slowly starts to kick back in, but think about it: you can’t layer an overcoat. You can’t make an overcoat work as seamlessly with a tracksuit as an actual suit. And unless you Uber literally everywhere, a coat’s cumbersome going between bars, clubs and the daily commute.So it’s time jackets those versatile layering essentials had their time in the spotlight. The gilet’s taken a back seat in matters of style in the past, usually to be seen on a flat cap-sporting farmer or in the pages of a budget supermarket’s brochure advertising its in-house ‘fashion’ range. Now, though owing to trends like athleisure  it’s a legitimate option for when you need to stay warm.Key to carrying this one off is finding a slim, lightly padded and and we can’t stress this enough understated design. Your gilet’s job here is to keep out the cold and lend a contemporary edge to your tailoring, not make you look like you got lost somewhere between the mountain range and the water cooler.

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