Hello my lovely people!! The great thing about polka dots is there are as many variations as there are dots. From large filled circles to tiny pin-dot motifs, there isn’t one defining look – which means we can all put our own individual stamp on the trend. This is also a print that hasn’t been ‘owned’ by any particular brand or label – unlike, say, zig-zag stripes (Missoni) or small floral prints (Liberty) – so from high street to designer, they work on any budget. This year’s democratic print of choice, you might say. These days, you will occasionally come across suits with micro-dot patterning. This understated approach helps add depth and structure to lighter, warmer weather items. I would never advise everyone to try wearing a head-to-toe polka dot route, but if these suits appeal to you, look for one in navy and keep the cut slim and sharp; just like the one I am wearing in the above photo diary. I have kept my layering game strong by going for a turtle neck and shirt under it and a navy trench above it. The modest white trainers steal your eyes and mandate a token of appreciation to complete the look.

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