Staying alone and taking care of the house for young entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams like me is a real difficulty but, that was before I found the Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner. This cordless vacuum cleaner may just be the most powerful floor cleaner around, its light weightedness and versatility make up for it.  The Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner promises deeper cleaning than ever before, it separates the smallest of dust particles from the air with the help of its Cyclone Air Filtration Technology.

The average human hair is said to be about 100 microns, Dyson’s V10 can filter ultrafine dust up to 1 micron and separate it into the bin. It expels clean air post filtration while trapping allergens and dust. It has a new and improved battery that provides fade-free suction, making your last usage feeling just like the first. For those of you who are wondering what ‘Fade-free suction’ means, it is even more powerful suction and lesser noise generated. It also has a hygienic dirt ejector system that prevents debris from being trapped in the bin. The V10 motor spins at 125,000 rpm made of new age material used in satellite systems.

I personally love the Dyson V10 as it comes with multiple attachments, three different suction modes, a hygiene dust ejection nob and can be transformed into a handheld, that can help clean different surfaces of the house like:

–    Carpets

–    Sofas

–    Mattresses

–    Upholstery and furniture

–    All types of floors

–    High ceilings

–    Even your car interiors

It truly cleans any hidden dust particles the naked eye cannot see, unlike traditional methods of cleaning like sweeping, dusting and moping that agitates dust particles to remain airborne and settle elsewhere. The functionality of the product makes cleaning easier and more efficient. Not only is it efficient but, very simple to use, time-saving and perfect for those who live by themselves or have a busy work schedule. My daily schedule has definitely become much more effortless with the #NoHiddenDust Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner. 

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