Hello my lovely people! Smart-casual: two diametrically opposed terms, yoked together by a hyphen to mean… something located somewhere in the vast, nebulous gulf between the two poles.An unholy matrimony of antonyms, smart-casual is ill-defined and even less well understood by most men. It’s an enigma of a dress code that seemingly requires Alan Turing levels of cryptanalysing to crack. On the surface, it sounds so easy, so relaxed, so… casual. Yet there’s the lingering, vaguely troubling presence of that word ‘smart’. It’s enough to make you beg for a black tie invitation: at least with that you know where you stand.

He is got the Style is here to cut this knot once and for all (if indeed smart-casual even requires a tie). But rather than attempt to pin it down precisely, smart-casual is best understood as a spectrum. That’s to say different elements of your outfit can sit at various points along the scale, but no one piece should veer too far in either direction. Smart-casual is a fine line, a balancing act or a tightrope.To help you tread the line, we’ve honed in on our key smart-casual mainstays by www.jackjones.com . By understanding the guiding principles that make them at once smart and also somehow casual – and precisely to what degree you can break the code, and not the rules. Jack and Jones has got an awesome collection for you this Spring Summer ’16. Go walk in to your nearest outlet and grab a piece for yourself.

LABEL: www.jackjones.com

Location Courtesy: Phoenix Market City Kurla

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