Hello lovely people! Jewellery is tough to pull off if you don’t make your money spitting bars. Which is a large part of why we men obsess over watches. Turn up to a business lunch with inch-thick gold draped around your neck and you’re getting seated by the bathrooms. But if it’s around your wrist? Please, sir, do follow me to the chef’s table.But you can’t rely on one knockout timepiece. As with your wardrobe, a deep wrist rotation allows for better dressing and the chance to switch up your style. Building a watch wardrobe, then, means covering bases. The old saying goes that every man needs three watches: one for the office, one for the weekend and something plain-faced for formal dinners that tells nothing other than the time and how refined your taste in. But what if you can have all these three features in one? TITAN just got your dream come true! They recently made an intelligent revolution by creating the world’s slimmest watch the TITAN EDGE  The smart design combined with the revolutionary slimmest movement makes it a 21st century must have. I personally couldn’t resist my hands off it as its my favourite accessory for the easy breezy summer wardrobe which helps me keep it minimalistic as well as classy!

Just the way I LOVE! So don’t waste much of your time dreaming about one; instead check the entire range out here plus also locate your nearest store and experience it physically as well..




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