Hello lovely people! Winter is unkind to your wallet. To beat the deluge you need robust materials and quality construction. Which translates as money. But also, longevity.As your summer wardrobe frays, those boots and heavy coats see off the years as easily as they do the weather. At least, they do if you spend wisely. And winter’s biggest budget buster comes with more pitfalls than most.The trench coat also served its time in the ranks, designed as a water-resistant alternative to the heavy wool greatcoat, which soaked up mud and rain in the trenches. It fulfils the same brief a century on, since its pressed wool or cotton poplin keeps you dry without weighing you down.A trench coat is often the best option for versatility in winter. One  with taped seams will keep you dry and last you for years.Because most are unlined, you’ll need to layer up when it’s frosty, so make sure you pick one big enough to accommodate your heaviest knitwear. But that lack of warmth means more time out of storage; because it’s lightweight, you can still rock a trench over a T-shirt when the daffodils break through. Incredible quality materials and manufacture make it one of the best jackets you’ll ever ow Although we’d argue the original creators of the style  Burberry or Aquascutum, depending on who you believe would give them a run for their money.Keep an eye out for styles made from water repellent gabardine if you desire full protection from the elements, and stick to neutrals to ensure it looks just as good worn over your suit as your weekend wardrobe..



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