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Hope you doing good. Well as the days go by and the sun bestows its harshness upon us, staying stylish yet comfortable in hot weather is a delicate balancing act of the right fit, colour and material. By choosing clothes carefully we can save ourselves a great deal of embarrassment and hassle and still look just as good as normal. Sticking to the casual attire inspiration or the daily office going gent is my look for the day. Since this look is inspired by an office going gent, shirt is a basic necessity then. Keeping this key thought in mind, I am wearing a Green Floral Shirt, I have layered it with a relatively subtle Beige Tailored Blazer. The brogue from my own collection stands out perfectly. I decided to pair it up with a casual dark brown pant to create a better blend of subtleness and a summer bright look. As every attire is incomplete if you don’t compliment it with the desired accessories, I decided to complete this look with keeping a minimal accessories of sunglasses, a wristband and a brown envelope clutch to keep handy. Lightweight loafers personally suit my style, so I made a simply smart choice for my feet. They say “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. So signing off today by saying ”Keep it simple and smart”.


  • Shirt: Zara Autumn Winter 2013
  • Blazer: H&M
  • Pant: H.E. by Mango
  • Sunglasses: Colaba
  • Brogue: Own Collection
  • Wristband: Aldo
  • Brown Envelope Clutch: Thrifted from Colaba
  • Footwear: Loafers from Thailand
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