Hello my lovely people!!! If you’re one of the many men who identify with traditional preppy casual style, this guide can help. Whether you vote conservative, hunt and play cricket, or just happen to like the overall aesthetic, pulling it off naturally and skilfully requires information you won’t find on the high street.With its origins in north eastern American university wear, preppy fashion has come to define the United States’ upper and upper-middle classes. It’s also known as Ivy League style: the defining campus uniform of prestigious academic institutions. The 1960s is often heralded as the decade that reshaped and invigorated the fashion world, but in my opinion, the 1920s are not given enough credit. A shift in attitude towards dressing in the later years of the decade paved the path that fashion has since moved along, occasionally wandering but always reflecting on its origins and taking cues from the era.As the 1920s progressed, technology, jazz and marketing all expanded and evolved although it is often felt that the traditional attire most men wore at the time did not reflect these advancements. wasn’t that fashion was responsible for the disregard of conventional mores of the time, but fashion was certainly part of an avant-garde movement led by artists all over Europe, who were trying to affect the arts. They attempted to readdress the distinct gap between art and life; it was their belief that there was no division between ‘fine’ art and ‘applied’ art.Inspired designers began to fuse luxury and practical wear, throwing restrictive dress out the window, whilst a period of global economic boom meant a tide of opulence and elegance swept the nation. Regimented, formal dress made way to freedom and expression values that wove their way into the very fabric of the fashion industry and this paved the way for the white shirt and blue bottoms combo. Though the clothing of the time had none of the technical aspects of today, the humble  white shirt was a radical item of casual attire that perfectly exemplifies the change in attitude towards sport and off-duty dressing.

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