Hello my lovely people!!! Before we start, I’d like to go on record saying that I am 100 per cent a shirt man. Some guys prefer t-shirts, some guys (God forbid) prefer vests, but when it comes to my own personal preference, I just don’t feel complete without a shirt on.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I’m a huge fan of simple, classic and versatile pieces of menswear; the type of clothing that forms the foundation of any successful capsule wardrobe and can be mixed and matched together to produce a wide variety of timeless looks. For those just starting out on their journey to becoming a well dressed man, this approach will ensure you look always appear stylish, no matter what the occasion or scenario.But what happens what you’ve achieved this goal? Where do you move to once you’ve covered all of the basics? Well, it’s time to start developing your own personal style and deciding what items suit you best and fit in with your lifestyle.

This could mean sticking to the casual end of the menswear spectrum and investing in more denim, t-shirts and relaxed jackets in varying colours and fabrics. Alternatively, it could mean picking up pieces that sit at the formal end  expanding your collection of ties, pocket squares, dress shirts and suits. It comes down to finding out what makes you feel most confident and comfortable, then building on it.For me, shirts do just that. There’s something about a perfectly cut and well constructed shirt that works for my frame and lifestyle, as well as my more refined approach to style. They also happen to come in a huge variety of colours, patterns, fabrics and textures, so there’s a lot of room to experiment with my look on a daily basis without getting bored a big plus for someone with as short an attention span as I have.But with great variety comes great responsibility. Owning too many shirts can often be just as bad as owning too few there’s nothing worse than standing in front of your shirt collection and being crippled by indecision. So here’s a simple look inspiration to help you decide; how to create an effortless look out of a heap of formal shirts in your wardrobe.


  • Shirt : Jack and Jones
  • Trouser : Zara
  • Shoes : Steve Madden India
  • Watch : Daniel Wellington
  • Sunglasses : H&M
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