Hello my lovely people!!!In today’s world, many men are focusing on the way they look more and more. But there are always so many questions- does the look suit your face? Is this right for this occasion? Does this go with your personality? So to make life a little easier for them to move their styling game beyond the usual, Set Wet has created the Set Wet Signature Styles along with their Chief Style Officer and celebrity hairstylist, Aalim Hakim. The styles were launched in a fun meet-up that was hosted by Aalim for the top male style bloggers in India (one of them to witness being me; today), in his own studio in Mumbai. Conceptualized by Aalim on Ranveer Singh, brand ambassador of Set Wet, the styles are designed to become part of every guy’s fashion bible. With the Wanderer look for casual, the Spunkster look for party, and the Aviator look for formal, the Set Wet Signature Styles give, easy, quick ways for guys to nail their look for any moment in their lives.  During the meet up, Aalim not only decoded the signature looks he created, but also shared tips on how the haistyles can be customized for different face and hair types. And it didn’t stop there. The Signature Styles also included tips on how to have your outfit and accessories game on point to complete each look.

After each style was demonstrated by Aalim, we  even got a shot at trying the looks on their own hair. With the style guru Aalim walking around and giving them tips on how to customize each style for their hair and face types, they got many tips and hacks on how to make the looks work especially for themselves. Set Wet is always geared to help guys stay sada sexy. With the Set Wet Signature Styles, they have covered all bases to help guys give a sexy upgrade to their own signature style. These quick, easy hairstyling tips tell them how to look like their most stylist selves in an instant, so that they can focus on being sada sexy whenever they step out of their homes!

Presenting the Set Wet Signature Styles!

 The Wanderer Look

Heading for a regular day at college, or taking a date for a movie, or meeting your buds for a game for FIFA? All you need is a casual look that does all the work for you while you play it cool. So if you want to sit back, kick up your feet, and still look like you got it together, the Set Wet Breezy Cool Style is for you.

The Spunkster Style

So what’s it going to be? An epic night out with your crew, an office party with colleagues, or a festive get-together with your family? Whatever party plans you might have, you need to be the life of the scene, without falling on the wrong side of flashy. The Set Wet Dapper Disco Style should have you all spruced up to get your well-styled, party face on.

The Aviator Style

You might need to make the right impression at your next pitch presentation or job interview, or perhaps get noticed across the ballroom of a wedding or dinner party. Just remember today, formal doesn’t have to be boring. But swag is mandatory. So if you are looking to impress at a formal do, the Set Wet Seriously Swag Style is for you.

Last but not the least, the most important thing is to roll back your shoulders, chin up, and be confident to be yourself while working that Seriously Swag Style!



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