Hello my lovely people!!  S.A.L.E. these days is not only every woman’s favorite four letter word but a man’s too. Having being always given the #hashtag of dominators ; how can we be left behind here as well? Men are notorious cheapskates. Suckers for a bargain, it comes as no surprise, then, that we’re all over anything with a discount or what is perceived as a good deal.No wonder EOSS ‘s have seen such massive growth over the last few years. Guys have developed a thirst for branded things and designer labels, but often can’t afford or justify the price. This is where the EOSS comes in. Being a full time shopper,  my happiness knows no bounds when the EOSS arrives! I tend to always shop keeping the coming season in mind. So apart from picking up stuff for this season; it is always a foreplay for me of the coming season. Being a resident blogger of Jack and Jones India, I had this awesome opportunity to get my hands on some of the coolest stuffs from their AW’15 collection. Known for its different style and authenticity; this brand never refrains from making us happy with their innovative color palattes and inspirations while drawing special ranges from their collection. Great for helping your money go further, today I have for you a quick photo diary of my grabs from the JACK AND JONES INDIA EOSS 15. Don’t forget to visit your nearest Jack and Jones outlet and treat yourself with some awesome beauties from AW’15.



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