Hello my lovely people!!! It is often a cliché that creative people lack professionalism. We are always suggested to go with the flow without even taking a second look at the direction of the flowing stream. Being a born art enthusiast; colours and intense art always kept me drooling. Being known for my excellent colour composition and knowledge of direction today; I knew I had it in me even during the days of my Business Graduation. Dressing up was always my favourite subject back then too . This and only this thought lingered in my head and gave me the hope and faith to start a mens fashion blog during the era when fashion blogs meant girl power. (2014) I believe that dressing well is an art and your clothes introduce your inner voice to the world without even having to speak. Now why have I taken you in flashback despite of most of you knowing me and my story already??? Today, I would like to bring to you; one such virtual friend who believes in the same path as I do .i.e. “A person who breaks away from the clutter to follow his own belief”. Let me introduce you to the “Rule Breaker” a new watch introduced to us by one of my favourite brands “Shazè”Having a strong purpose behind it; this watch prevails over the other watches because it can be not only worn by an office going gent but also by a college going cool guy. So here’s me; presenting my Rule Breaker story as I show you this photo diary curated exclusively for #shazèlove.




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