Hello my lovely people!!! A few days ago, took an initiative to bring us bloggers together and get a campaign shot with us for their #republicofdenim space and range. Coming to the gist of the initiative; Denim’s not dead. (Not that you’d know it from the headlines.) Despite some media outlets sounding the death knell for denim, global sales of jeans are actually on the rise. But denim is changing. Feeling the heat from athleisure’s blazing success, jeansmakers are changing tack, introducing stretch to iconic styles in  an attempt to stop ceding ground to fashion’s current stretch-friendly, everything-elasticated approach.Jeans might be adapting to trends, but they haven’t stopped trending. “Firstly a pair of jeans is incredibly versatile, and there is a lot of choice in the market both at price point and in style. But secondly there is an incredible heritage to denim – jeans have been worn by icons like James Dean through to Sid Vicious and this adds to their appeal. OK, the ‘rebel’ element of a pair of jeans may have been distilled somewhat, but they will always be associated with youth and street culture, which endures across generations.”Here’s presenting a few denim trends for you to refer; while showering some monetary love over denims the next time.


Wide legs might’ve gained a foothold where trousers are concerned, but in denim, slim and skinny fits continue to reign supreme.


Tired of your jeans turning you Smurf-coloured? Good news: this season there’s a less dye-heavy alternative to raw denim that won’t mean having to wash your hands every time you put them in your pockets.


As front-and-centre as faded styles are, and despite the current trend for stretch – OG jeans (OJeans?), like unwashed straight-leg indigo and black styles, still sit at the core of any solid denim line-up.


The rise of athleisure might’ve seen menswear skew minimal in recent seasons, but some of fashion’s most feted designers are fomenting change – starting with denim.


More statement-making than status quo in your style moves? Then ditch the usual denim suspects for the new forward-thinking cut that’s flying off the shelves.


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