Hello my lovely people!!!The wise man’s wardrobe is built on cornerstones: the T-shirt for the beach (or the bar), a pair of Derbies for work (or a wedding) and the blazer for, well, pretty much everything.Despite menswear’s gradual drift from dandy to dressed-down, there remain those sartorial classics that never seem to lose their clout. The blazer is one such stalwart: it’s the piece you reach for when getting dressed to boss that job interview, for wooing the one that could be ‘the one’, or for any of life’s situations where it pays to look that little bit sharper.But styling one isn’t always easy. Indeed, too many men spend valuable time trying to pair a blazer and trousers – time they could be using to do more important things like, you know, sorting their bed hair out. Or drinking (depending on the time of day we’re talking…)Which is why we’ve compiled this handy combination so you can spend less time deciding what to wear and more time wearing it. Hope you love this outfit inspiration from their SS’16 collection.

Location courtesy:  Phoenix Market City, Kurla.

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