Hello my lovely people!!! Last week, I was hosted by John Players, Delhi for an auspicious bloggers meet. For the fashion buffs across India, John Players Jeans’ scintillating collection is a must have this summer. If you are looking for wide range of options and smart fit, John Players jeans should be your next stop. Keeping abreast with the evolving fashion tastes of the Indian men, the #JPJ SS16 collection offers its patrons with an infinite range of casuals, formals and denim.

Energize your wardrobe with brightest colours, vibrant designs, dash of neon, love for pastels and naturals, which will freshen up your fashion quotient manifold. For the passionate and spontaneous you, #JPJSS16 is the right destination! John Players Jeans, or JPJ as we call it, is a masterpiece in its crafting. Contemporary fits, light on weight, experimental washes, edgy styles, stretchable in feel, you name it, JPJ has it. The pair of jeans lets you #play unscripted and challenges the traditional with the bold styling.Denim look is sure to be seen again at all fashion walks across the world as the fashionistas wear their denim in every shade possible. Without a doubt, the trend will continue this year as well. For the casual summer love, you could opt for the Summer Soul denim range from John Players Jeans which is high on style and light on weight. It will keep your cool quotient alive even when the sun is at its peak. The comfortably chic fitting offered by #JPJ will make you look oh so dashing! If you are ready to have an edge over your friends and colleges, then the era inspired Rock and Rolla look from JPJ is just for you and it will definitely make the heads turn every time you pass by. With distinctive laser washes, metallic accents and zipper details, the collection is awe inspiring and will grace the rockstar in you. You could go out all graphic and make the JPJ #Play Unscripted statement.If your love for dark shades is perpetual, the True Dark range is tailored for your needs by JPJ. The denim is a perfect match for your bold avatar. Available in the deep and dark shades of Indigo, the denim will enliven the audacious in you. So what are you waiting for ? Go walk in to the nearest John Players store and pick your favourite jeans!!

LABEL: http://johnplayers.quasarstaging.net/

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