The Paris Polo By Lacoste.

As you all know, one of the classic substitutes to regular t-shirts or shirts is a polo-neck t-shirt. From brunch to late night dinner, it’s a classic piece to have in one’s wardrobe. As a blogger, I have classic polo-neck t-shirts in almost all colours. Today I’m going to talk about the new polo by Lacoste – the Paris Polo.

Lacoste remains at the forefront of today’s current trends by unveiling a brand new polo shirt which borrows the style codes of traditional shirts. A stylist collision between fashion and sport, the Paris Polo is emblematic of new contemporary chic. An innovative design intended to perpetuate the legend and fully meet the everyday requirements of today’s men, providing mobility and comfort without compromising elegance.

Designed as an alternative to the everyday shirt, the Paris Polo frees the outline of the body and blends different styles. This short-sleeved polo presents a slim straight fit, reduced length at the hips and no comfort slits on the sides. It has a collar band and a thin concealed button placket to allow easy combination with a blazer or a casual jacket and sculpts the outline of a resolutely urban and relaxed look.

Available in different colours, this new polo is produced in stretched cotton mini piqué, a flexible and light material which provides complete freedom of movement without creasing and guarantees an impeccable outfit throughout the day. Discreetly marked with a crocodile embroidered tone-on-tone, this new “ready-to- wear” basic is the essential centrepiece of any self-respecting male wardrobe. The Paris Polo is available in all LACOSTE stores and in the e-shop at

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10 thoughts on “The Paris Polo By Lacoste.

  • How come the logo of Lacostè is not even showed across mid length in one image too? Don’t you know the history of the logo n d brand? N what is even this write up? Didn’t connect at all. Get back to real content bro. Refer ur previous blogsss #Sponsoredshit

    • Hello Sohel. If you haven’t checked out Paris Polo collection then please go and check then comment why the logo is not visible. Lacoste has come up with new invention of logos. Also if you are really good with content please send your resume here : [email protected] we would love to hire you.
      Also if you have problems with Sponsored work please don’t bother henceforth.
      Thank you once again for kind words.

  • Robbie Mathews · Edit

    Yea agreed on that, photos r nice…but there r grammar mistakes.

  • Artisa Ambrose · Edit

    Cent percentage agreement on grammatical errors. Andddd— best part: background is more London vibe then Parisìan moi friend we know this ain’t not your best work.

    • Hey Artisa
      Thank you for your kind words your English amazing I can see from Andddd…..
      Also the background and mood board was set by Lacoste Global team I hope they have more knowledge about the collection and feel of it.
      Once again thank you moi friend.

  • Who goes to office with a gym bag? #Sponsoredpost

    • Hey Zeus,
      If you are new to fashion trends please google fashion trends for Men SS’18. That would enlighten your knowledge about Duffle bags which you referred as gym bag.
      First know fashion terms then talk about them.
      Thank you once again for so not sponsored kind words.

  • This guy is just arguing with us boys instead of referring mistakes. If we were good at it y would be referring to ya my gent.
    I guess the trend forgot to get off runways n touchdown streets yo cause I ain’t seeing such style around. Sometimes u should listen 2 ur heart boy despite going for #Sponsoredshit.
    Style is what you make outta it.

  • What horrible grammar. Heisgotthestyle you need to take some lessons from your own previous writeups. You have hired the wrong person dude. Please come up with the previous mood of writing. It was quite relatable.


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