Hello my lovely people!! As with many contemporary staples, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the overcoat first emerged. Several online accounts name 1772 as the year the overcoat was invented, while others claim the early 19th century was when they really came into their own. Regardless, usage of the word itself dates  back to the late 18th century, meaning overcoats were being worn before the Regency Period in Britain. Crafted from a heavy fabric such as wool (merino, Melton etc.), the overcoat is a long-sleeved coat that can be either single- or double-breasted, and usually has a single vent at the back. If we’re being strict with semantics, the overcoat always extends below the knee, but you’ll find that modern day styles rarely do, given the impracticality of long outerwear. The topcoat, on the other hand, is a variant plenty of people often confuse with the overcoat, and is made from a lighter fabric, extending to the knee at its very longest. To add to the confusion, there’s the greatcoat, which  for all intents and purposes  is just a way of referring to an overcoat that’s particularly bulky, heavy and hard wearing, and was historically favoured by soldiers on the front line. While it’s true that overcoats are available in all kinds of colours and finishes these days, its plain cut is its defining characteristic. Today , I decided to layer this cosy winter look with a pair of gloves to protect my hands and this long woollen grey overcoat! So go ahead; and don’t get scared to invest in a good overcoat this season!




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