Hello my lovely people!! Previously considered a functional item well out of range of the fashion radar, backpacks are now firmly rooted on the menswear map.As much of a style statement as they are practical load-bearer, the backpack’s reinvention by fashion forward designers is evident from high-end houses to the high street. Spurred on by the technical and athletic trends in menswear, brands with their Scandinavian-inspired canvas rucksacks have brought a new dimension to an everyday design, which are ideal for the more casual dresser. Luxury brands such as  have also tapped into the trend, combining their statement graphic and geometric prints with the backpack’s street-ready appeal, epitomising the definition of ‘fashion meets function’. Complimenting the backpack is my Autumn trendy look for today; I am wearing a white shirt paired with slim fit cargo trousers and a necktie. I decided to layer it with a suede jacket followed by sunglasses and shoes. The bagpack is definitely the highlight of the entire look. Also, the brown sneakers can be replaced with white ones.

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