Here’s a fun fact: It is said that more than 80% of the world’s population wears black, grey and white, in their day to day dressing. With that being said, I know that we can all agree upon the fact that black and white garments are essential in today’s urban jungle. Monochrome has taken the minimalistic world by storm and created a new culture, it’s chic, classy and perfect for all occasions. Black, grey and white are easy to pair with any colour but, when paired together they scream finesse.

Styling a monochrome look is very easy as there is no play of colours. The key to putting together a monochrome outfit you ask? It is to experiment with different silhouettes, patterns, textures and embellishments. A casual white tee with a black ripped denim can immediately be taken a notch higher with a cross knit sweater and combat boots. Here are some ways to achieve the perfect monochrome look:


Look 1:

In this look, I  have paired a seersucker pinstripe blazer with a white button-down shirt, a black knitted tie, black slim fit formal trousers and black Oxfords. The pinstripe blazer adds an element of playfulness with the right amount of flair.

Look 2:

For this look, I went with a classic two-piece formal black suit and mixed it up a little with a pair of black sneakers and a black tie. Athleisure is the biggest trend of the year and this is my version of incorporating that element into a formal look.

Look 3:

Finally, for this look, I wore a white round neck tee with an acid washed denim shirt to add texture, black formal trousers, black sneakers and finished the look with a transparent raincoat. This look can be very versatile for the uncertain weather of Bombay.


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