Hello my lovely people! Today; let’s quickly talk about a few assorted topics and looks that I thought of thinking out loud and bringing it to your notice as well. A quick bypass to one of my previous blog post is the first look; Wimbledon look. The first and most vital component of Wimbledon (live match) wear is tailoring. The most common options are a dark tone or grey jacket and trousers. A textured grey wool-cashmere blend suit is always a safe bet, but opting for slightly brighter or unconventional shades (think olive green or burgundy) will give your outfit a contemporary edge.

Second in the queue is Fashion and Fashionable dressing! Timeless and highly versatile, the blue suit has long been touted by menswear publications as the only one you’ll ever need. Yet while navy is often the most admired, this season we suggest opting for a lighter shade of blue. Seasonally-appropriate, a pastel or petrol blue suit will help give a contemporary twist to your smarter aesthetics without having to push your boundaries too far.

The t of the Third also resembles Travel. So our third topic is travel. Since you’ll most likely need at least one suit while you’re away, it’s worth wearing the blazer (and any coat you decide to take) when travelling. This not only helps save it from the inevitable folds and wrinkles from being stored in luggage, but also keeps you looking sharp and front and centre for any travel upgrades. Team it with some slim chinos/dark jeans and a plain tee/shirt/polo (all items that can be mixed and matched throughout your trip) for a comfortable yet refined aesthetic.

Fourth in the list is Food. Good choice; how can you go wrong with three courses of masterfully prepared aphrodisiacs accompanied by a few glasses of fine wine? Yes! The fourth look is for all the foodies out there who take an effort to dress up while showing up at a lunch or dinner. Fifth and last in our series is Friday Dressing. Don’t you just love Friday? One last stretch before the weekend, the feeling of accomplishment (or successful procrastination) that comes with it and everyone else just seems to be in a better mood…Yes, Friday is by nature a laid-back day. Casual or dress-down Friday is a corporation’s way of acknowledging that nobody really means business on the last day of the working week, and therefore not bothering with formal business attire. Summing up; hope this assorted treasure of looks pleased your eyes and helped you pick your favourite amongst them!

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