Hello my lovely people! When creating a professional wardrobe it’s important not to simply buy things ad hoc, but think more strategically. I’ve been asked many a time to help people start from scratch and build a tailoring collection for business, so I like to think I have seen and experienced it all within this realm.For this purpose there are only really two colours that we use: blue and grey. It’s a simple formula and it might sound boring, but within these two colours lies a wealth of choice and opportunity.Coming to today’s tonal look; I am wearing this serge blue suit with a lighter shirt inside. Serge is a classic twill fabric that has diagonal lines and is often used for suits, blazers, military uniforms and trench coats. It’s a good go-to cloth for your first solid blue suit.You will find a lot of suits on the high street are a serge. Rich in colour, it’s only negative is that over time it can become shiny. To avoid this, use a cloth over the top of the suit when giving it a press, to protect the fabric.If the suit does get shiny, just through general wear, the best cure is steam. Without actually ironing over the suit, pump steam from your iron into the fabric and it will help reduce the shine.So how does the next grab for your business appropriate wardrobe look like?

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