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One of the things which never goes out of style are formal suits. There’s just something so classy about them – they can make even a pauper look like a prince. Styling these suits also is ridiculously easy, all you need to do is keep the basics in mind.

Being your Flipkart Fashion Expert, I am going to recommend wardrobe staples in black which will accessorize your formal look, making it trendier and even more elegant (if that was possible!). Also, you can always look for other colors, but with formal clothes, black and brown work best. Once you have the basics (suit and tie) in place, leave the rest up to the accessories. Here’s what to look for:


  • Messenger Bags


I absolutely love these bags. They are without fail my go-to bags – apart from the fact that they look very elegant, they are also convenient. I often have to carry my laptop around for work, and these bags have a solid capacity. Plus everything stays where I kept it. Oh, and did I mention how well they work with formal attire?


  • Black Shoes


Now these are just a wardrobe staple. There is absolutely no point in wearing smart clothes if the shoes don’t match. A pair of spiffy, shiny black shoes will ensure you retain your classy look. Choose them well!



  • Black Watch


Even if it is the age of technology, or rather despite it being the age of technology, there is no accessory which exudes as much elegance as a simple black wrist watch. Perfect for pairing with a formal look, every man must own one.



  • Black Belt


No, I don’t mean the karate one! Contrary to popular belief, belts are used for more than holding the pants up. They also add style to an outfit. A plain black belt will go a long way in creating a look which leaves a lasting impact.

So there you have it. Keep your basics in place, and you’ll always be in style. You can check them all out on Flipkart! Until next time.




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