Love Cape Town.

After boarding six flights and sudden weather change got me so happy to be here in Cape Town.

From Scotland to Bombay to change the bags and meet my parents for a while I was all set to another adventure journey with MasterCard to #DiscoverWhatsBeyond in Cape Town.

As we arrived it was almost dusk. We entered our rooms and crashed. The next day it was shoot and explore day. From hopping to places to places and tasting local food and drinks. Don’t forget the coffee shops and iconic places.

From breakfast to dinner I was surrounded with my other blogger friend. And I was so happy to be with them. It was such a pleasure to be the part of this journey and always wanted to discover Africa.

Nevertheless there’s always a good time. As me and Mehak had reached one day later. But definitely I’m gonna make another trip to Africa soon.

Hospitality Partner : Southern Sun, Cape Town 

Tourism Partner : Cape Town Tourism 

Clothing courtesy : Selected India


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