Hello lovely people!!!Colour is a powerful thing. Mood-enhancing or diminishing, it’s the reason why green is used to placate actors’ egos backstage and why weightlifters lug more in gyms with walls painted blue. But, when it comes to your wardrobe, colour’s force can be hard to harness. Yellow, pink and teal might look great on a hanger, but they won’t always sing against your skin, or team easily with whatever else is in your daily rotation. It’s not that you’re totally opposed to the idea of wearing bright colours, it’s just that black, grey and navy haven’t failed you yet.But neither will blue. A bridge between shining brights and sober shades, blue is the colour the lets you step outside your comfort zone, comfortably. Shades lighter than navy  like chambray, cobalt and petrol blue  all offer a point of difference without turning you into a dartboard for digs, which make them a fail-safe way to shake up your look. Similarly, I am wearing  this royalish blue suit featuring my favourite Armani Jeans shirt accessorized with a jet black tie.


You can find the shirt here : ARMANI JEANS DENIM SHIRT


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