Layering can, surprisingly, be quite a complex skill to master. It’s important to appreciate that it’s not necessarily as simple as throwing a jumper in between your shirt and coat; although that is the basic principle involved. Layering is one of my forte’s when it comes to styling. According to me; if you get the perfect pair of clothing essentials; there’s not much to do and it’s a child’s play then. Hence, here’s bringing you an inspiration from the niche’ that I love. I am wearing a Raquette collared basic white shirt on which I have layered a Colour Dyed Blue Denim Jacket upon which I am wearing a Style Advisory Choice blazer; complemting the former is my Slim Fit Blue Denim. On my feet are my very Comfy Pair Of Sneakers. I have a wrist watch on my wrist and a lapel on my blazer to accessorize the look a bit.

Tip by He is got the Style: Layering is an art. Use your creative skills to make your ordinary look quite a bit interesting.


  • Clothes Courtesy: Jack and Jones.
  • Shoes: River Island
  • Watch: Aldo
  • Lapel: He is got the Style
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