Lacoste – Croco Series

I’ve got that spring in my step with the Croco Series by Lacoste! Lacoste brings you a playful collection for Spring Summer 2020 in collaboration with 3 artist-illustrators. Jean-Michel Tixier, Jeremyville and FriendsWithYou reinvent the croc and refresh your wardrobe.

Have a look at the strong colors and clear lines of the traditional French comics. French illustrator Jean-Michel Tixier’s crisp and vibrant collection with the most Parisian crocodiles is certainly a breath of fresh air.

New York based artist and designer Jeremyville creates thought-provoking designs that encourages a sense of play & abstract thinking. Jeremyville’s illustrations create a luxuriant and creative jungle where tennis and crocodiles are blended as one.

Magic, luck and friendship, FriendsWithYou are on a mission to encourage people to reconnect with their lives through happy, shared experiences! The perfect match between the dream-like universe of the FriendsWithYou duo and the iconic crocodile. 
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One thought on “Lacoste – Croco Series

  • I found it while surfing around on Bing. Glad to see the ideas continue to prosper! Great blog!
    We create incredible products with a New Generation energy. The passion we put into every piece is with the purpose of making sure the person opening that box loves what they see. We are the “Creators of your first Impression”.


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