NIOXIN, the #1 recommended thinning hair care choice by U.S. stylists, introduces DiaBoost™ with HTX™ (Hair Thickening Xtrafusion), a new daily leave-in treatment which has been scientifically designed and tested to increase the diameter of each existing hair strand for beautiful, thicker-looking hair.

BENEFIT:  DiaBoost™ with HTX™ is an intensive leave-in treatment that increases the diameter of each existing hair strand so it’s as if you have up to 11,000 more hairs. It provides visibly thicker-looking hair after just one use. When used daily and over time, the hair thickening benefits endure and protect the hair against breakage allowing it can grow longer. DiaBoost™ also penetrates the hair and makes it manageable and full, without making hair feel greasy or sticky.

TECHNOLOGY:  Powerful new HTX™ technology was developed by P&G Beauty Scientists from around the world, who combined a `skin care inspired approach for hair’ with advanced research findings.  DiaBoost™ is the first product to bring HTX™ technology to men and women to help them achieve thicker-looking hair.

INGREDIENTS:   Unique combination of three ingredients with notable benefits in skin care that together help provide an increase in hair diameter 1) Caffeine is recognized for improving skin hydration, which in certain products results in a thicker, healthier stratum corneum or outermost layer of the skin; 2) Panthenol is also known to improve skin hydration and its ability to penetrate right to the cortex of hair has been well-documented in scientific literature which in certain products results in multiple benefits including strengthening and moisturization and 3) Niacinamide has been primarily used in skin care to improve moisture barrier function, skin texture and  skin tone.

USE: DiaBoost™ is designed to complement the existing NIOXIN collection and may be used alone or in conjunction with any of the tailored NIOXIN systems to help achieve the appearance of beautifully thicker-looking hair.  Additionally, DiaBoost is designed to be used on hair that is wet so men and women can style their hair as usual. DiaBoost is made for daily use. For optimal results, apply it once a day.

SERVICE: The NEW INSTA-BOOST SERVICE – increases the diameter of the hair instantly and thickens hair from the roots, so that it feels as if the client has 11,000 more hair strands. Therapeutic Massage and blow-dry will take around 25 – 30 minutes.

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