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Hello my lovely people!!Outerwear is having a moment. And no, we’re not talking about your timeless pea coat or classic cotton mac. We’re talking about durable, rain,snow, and storm-proof trekking outfits that are as tough as armour.This isn’t just about practicality either (though it’s certainly a contributing factor) high quality, outdoor-focussed brands have experienced a renaissance over the past year or so, with the rise of sports luxe making technical fabrics and advanced construction techniques highly desirableYes, useful clothing is being celebrated again. And so it should be. If you’re going to spend a few hundred grands on a jacket/ trek suit, it better perform and be built to last.To help you surf this rising tide of practical, outdoors attire, I along with WILDCRAFT decided to showcase one of the leading choices of dressing up for a trek. Its raining here in the maximum city and its outskirts and that’s the period usually when youngsters and nature lovers decide to go on treks. Surrounded by some really good locations, it was quite an adventure for me to shoot at a location like this one and to have a close encounter with the green beauty around me. And when it came to clothes suitable for such an adventure, no other brand than this could have done it better.


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